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The first images for this month have started to appear. In this image, from the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday, it confirms that, in next month’s issue of CoroCoro, due out on October 15th, a special serial code will be given. This Serial Code offers you a trial version of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire which appears to have you pick between Grovyle, Combusken & Marshtomp and ends with the obtaining of a Mega Evolution. We’ll bring more on this as it comes

Edit @ 09:33: Mega Gallade revealed

Edit @ 09:39: Mega Sharpedo & Mega Camerupt have also been confirmed. Mega Sharpedo has the ability Strong Jaw while Mega Camerupt has Sheer Force

Edit @ 09:46: Primal Kyogre has a new ability called Sea of Beginnings and Primal Groudon has a new ability called Land of Endings. They activate what is called Strong Rain and Strong Sunlight respectively. It is not known how different this is to normal

Edit @ 09:49: Mega Camerupts Speed is decreased, but every other stat is increased while all of Sharpedo’s stats get an increase

via Serebii

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